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What is Grief?

Whether you loss a loved one, friendship, relationship or job, grief is present. Feelings of sadness, anger, denial, the need to bargain or even acceptance are part of grief. People are always experiencing grief one way or another. How you cope through it defines if it's a healthy coping skill or unhealthy coping skill. Everyone is coping through their own grief, that might showcase differently in each person and that's okay. Grieving through different situations at the same time and increase stress, unhealthy behaviors and could lead to different diagnoses. Your willingness to "work through" or process grief is what will lead to healing, self-reflection and acceptance.

How we can help. 

We are a guide to your healing journey. If we are a good match for you, our approach and your collaboration can lead you to achieving your therapeutic goals. Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule a preliminary call today.

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