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A creative approach to Individual Therapy!









When life happens in moments and there's a need to reconnect. We offer the therapy you need to feel like yourself again. 

Rock Balancing


We believe that we can create a healthier community by guiding people into discovering their most authentic self.  We guide people to actualize healthier habits, increase self-esteem and self-concept; through workshops, consultations, support groups and individual therapy. Our mission is to harmonize, heal and educate people about Mental Health and Wellness.

Leaf Stem

When human beings experience meaninglessness or isolation, it is not uncommon to explore authenticity. My passion is to guide people to discover the most authentic version of themselves and bring healing to their present. I guide people through a combination of of approaches such as Existential Therapy, CBT, Solution-Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Family Systems Therapy and use techniques that include creative evidence based interventions. 

 I am passionate about using art, music, poetry, photography as part of therapy and healing. 

I have a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University and two undergraduate degrees in both art and science. I've completed an internship while in school, working individually and in group sessions with parents of children diagnosed with Autism. Currently, I work with  young adults and adults diagnosed with ADHD. In addition to adults processing grief, anxiety, depression and/or adjustment.

I see Therapy as a collaborative process and as a sign of strength to overcome anything.

Your willingness is the first step. 

Claudia Gonzalez, MS, RMHCI


Individual Therapy

45 min - 1 hour with our

dedicated therapist


Join a group of peers and develop a support system through engaging in

a creative process

(5 people minimum)


Workshops are offered based on skill, preparation & length. Recommended for larger group dynamics that need to learn or gain a new skill in a specific topic.

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